Season 1

10/02/20 • Season 1

3. Clear Blue Water

We follow Caden as they discover that politics isn't always smooth sailing, while Arcadia gives us insight into the troublesome press conference.

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09/18/20 • Season 1

2. What The War Left Behind

Join a man in the Empire as he searces for his MIA fiance, meanwhile, Teddy takes on a new case.

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09/04/20 • Season 1

1. By the Wayside

A look into the life of a Talsorian scavenger, and a glimpse into Memorie's strange day.

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10/16/20 • Season 1

4. The City of Sinclair

We follow two workers in Hardizan - a woman; taking a much needed day off, and a mail courier working in Uptown Sinclair.

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10/30/20• Season 1

5. Blood on the Saddle

Gunner, an Empire cowboy, is going about his day but... something is wrong with the cows. Meanwhile, Teddy takes on his first case with his new compatriots.

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11/13/20 • Season 1

6. Slaughterhouse Red

Gunner's cows get sent to a slaughterhouse. Teddy and his companions try to find their way out of a difficult situation.

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11/27/20 • Season 1

7. The Art of Expectations

Today is a young artist's first time participating in a renowned art show, premier candidate Axel Moore reunites with an old acquaintance, and Marvin gives a weather report.

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12/11/20 • Season 1

8. The Queen of Port Azuriel

An airship runs into difficulties, and Courier Marks takes a dislike to a customer.

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12/25/20 • Season 1

9. The Eternal Party

We see the rise of the Eternal Party and the life of its host. Memorie runs into trouble in search of the revolution.

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01/08/21 • Season 1

10. Wreckage

A family of fishers gets caught in a dangerous situation. Axel and Sorren discuss the difficulties of their campaign.

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01/22/21 • Season 1

11. For Love and Local Liberty

A graffitist in Clercourt inspires acts of rebellion. Teddy takes some time to organize his old office with Bluebell.

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02/05/21 • Season 1

12. Three Ways Money Can Buy Happiness

Livia, a working class single mother, struggles to make ends meet. Courier Peaches has another run-in with Jebediah.

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02/19/21• Season 1

13. The Seafarers

A look into the history of the Gannon Islands. A glimpse into Ms. Russel's campaign plans.

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03/05/21 • Season 1

14. The Pomegranate Society

The life of an orphan growing up in the Talsorian system. Memorie meets Nikki again.

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03/19/21 • Season 1

15. The Island Keeper

The life of the person in charge of Hardizan's food. A guest appears. Courier Peaches gets in a scuffle.

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05/14/21 • Season 1

17. The Night of Stars

A celebration of light, and love.

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05/28/21 • Season 1

18. A Comedy of Mishaps

The highs and lows of a traveling theatre troupe. Axel takes a stance on immigration.

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06/11/21 • Season 1

19. Bro Do You Even Life (Each Other Up)

A Talsorian city deals with an earthquake. Memorie and faer book club attempt a heist.

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06/25/21 • Season 1

20. One Square Forward

A group of Empire soldiers seek refuge in the Gannon Islands. Axel deals with a campaign setback.

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07/09/21 • Season 1

21. Side Effects May Include

Kass is joined by a guest. Memorie manages to track down Nikki.

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07/23/21 • Season 1

22. To Love Like You

An Empire citizen struggles with his feelings. Teddy and Bluebell get sent on a mission.

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08/06/21 • Season 1

23. The Cans and Can'ts of Fish

A look into one of the Hardizan fisheries. Charlie and Courier Peaches attempt to repair a communication device.

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08/20/21 • Season 1

24. Deep Blue Water

Kass has a bad day, an island 9 local makes a trip, and Axel loses her cool.

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09/03/21 • Season 1

25. Election Night

Axel goes fishing.

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