Lady Renaissance

Voice of Kass


Lady Renaissance is a person of my hats- writer, performer, singer, artist, musician, sunglasses collector, and whatever else you need them to be. This also includes playing the radio host, Kass in Station Arcadia as well as other roles in various audio dramas such as Scoop in The Lavender Ladies and Viza from Project Ozma.

When Lady isn’t trying to record or write another idea that pops into their brain, they enjoy cooking, riding the New York subway to any destination, and drunkenly crying over snails because oh. Oh god. They’re so cute and helpless. I love them.

Currently alongside with Station Arcadia they are working on a new comedy musical, Apocalypse WOW! with more updates to come.

@renrenlady (Twitter) @_ladyrenaissance_ (Insta)