J.R. Steele

Voice of Eris, Writer, Audio Editor


J. R. Steele is a writer, actor, audio editor, sound artist, storyboard artist, character designer, composer, and musician. Seem impossible? That’s probably because it is. An immortal being with too much time on their hands? An eldritch entity spending their time on Earth stealing people’s hobbies, names, and voices? It is entirely probable that they are both of these things. They enjoy musicals, Shakespeare, bragging about enjoying Shakespeare, Tabletop RPGs, podcasts, and doing all of the lovely things mentioned above. They consider themselves a "jack-of-all-trades, master of none,” and tend to learn more than is strictly necessary for any given topic.

Current Projects: Producer, writer, audio editor, and voice actor for The Domestic Life of Anthony Todd, Writer, audio editor, composer, and artist for Station Arcadia, and Author of The Amulet Cases

Find them on Twitter @pen_of_steele or email them at pen.of.steele@gmail.com For more information visit: http://penofsteele.wixsite.com/home